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How to activate Reepay in Shopify

This guide shows you how to activate Reepay in Shopify.

Go to your shop admin and click Apps in the menu.

On the Apps page click Customize your store.
You will be redirected to the login screen.

On the login screen choose an account to log in to the app store.

Click on the account that you have chosen. 

After login, you will be redirected to the Shopify app store.   

Our app is not yet listed in the Shopify app marketplace but it can be installed with a direct link.

To install the app go to the link:
https://apps.shopify.com/reepay-checkout and press Add app.

You will be redirected to the install app page.

On the install page press Install app.

After installing the app press Activate to activate the payment gateway.

When you press this button you will be redirected to the payment gateway settings page. Choose the card logos you want to display in Shopify Checkout and press the Activate Reepay Checkout button.

If you later want to connect additional cards or services like Apple Pay or MobilePay, you can return to the settings and choose additional services. 

After activation of the payment gateway click Manage.

You will be redirected to the app settings page where you can save Reepay private keys and start testing payments.

Insert your API keys.

Live API key is used for real payments, and test API key is only used for test payments. 

Insert your Private API key from your live Reepay account into the Live API key field.

Insert your Private API key from your test Reepay account into the Test API key field.

You can find your private API keys in your Reepay Dashboard

Open a new tab and sign in here:
Go to your live account and click Developers → API credentials → Click Generate New under Private API Keys → Copy the key and paste it into Shopify under LIVE Private key.