Send a payment link to a customer

Quick guide on how to send a payment link to a customer

Step 1.    Click “Customers” in the left menu.

Step 2.   Choose and click the customer that you need to send a payment link

Step 3.   Click “Actions" and "Create invoice"

Step 4.   Fill out the "Ordre Lines", Choose "No payment method" and click "Create invoice"


Step 5.   Click "Actions" and click "Generate payment link"


Step 6.   Choose if the transaction should be "Instant settle"


Step 7.  Copy the payment link and send it to your customer


Step 8.  When the customer clicks the link, the payment window will open

This can also be carried out by using our API:

Create a charge session
  2. In the response you get an URL that can be sent in for example an email