Why is a refund is declined

Some times when you try to do a refund it gets declined, here is why.

Some refunds will be declined and 99% of the time it is because of missing funds on your side. Meaning, then an acquirer have payed out all you funds for your payments there might not be any left on your account at the acquirer to do a refund. 

How to fix:

1. Wait until you have done a few payment so you have money on you acquirer account.

2. Contact the acquirer and ask them to setup a minus(-) limit within you are able to do refunds. The limit is normally as standard ~1000 DKK.

3. Talk to the acquirer and ask them how to transfer som funds from you bank to them to fill up your account at the acquirer.


If you want to see why please click on the refund transaction that was declined in the lower list. In the popup please look at the acquirer message.