Shopify MobilePay Issue

Shopify MobilePay Issue This article is about incidents where the order is wrong in Shopify when paying with MobilePay.

If you use Shopify and have MobilePay enabled, you may have noticed that some MobilePay payments are going through Reepay and are stated as Authorized, but you can't find the order in Shopify.

This occurs in some cases where the consumer is shopping over the mobile and using MobilePay. This is where MobilePay's app-switch is used, which sends the consumer from Reepay Checkout over to MobilePay's app. The customer pays and everything goes well, but the problem arises when the consumer is sent back to your Shopify accept-url. 

The accept-url is the page where Shopify detect that the order has been paid and thus create Shopify an order correctly in Shopify. 

Here are some of the reasons we've discovered that mean the consumer won't end up with your Shopify acceptance url:

  • We've discovered several times where MobilePay's app switch simply doesn't work
  • The app switch may also fail if the customer accidentally closes the browser
  • If the internet connection is lost for a moment
  • If the consumer are using a non-default browser, e.g. Google Chrome on your IOS devices. MobilePay app-switch will by it natures redirect the consumer to the default browser, which for a IOS devices is Safari. Here error can occurs too. 

You can resolve this issue by keeping track of your payments in the Reepay Dashboard. If you have a payment that is not automatically switched to "Settled", you know that it is one of those orders where it is not properly placed in Shopify. The order will be in the abandoned cart in Shopify and to find the order, you can look at the payment in Reepay and see what the name of the consumer is or their email address. 

Once you find the order in the abandoned cart, you will be able to see what the consumer has purchased. You now have the option to go to your Shopify order page and create an order manually. Here you can enter the consumer's personal information and e-mail address, add the product purchased, send out the order confirmation and complete the order. In this case, you must capture the money in the Reepay Dashboard. This is done by finding the payment under Invoices. Click Actions in the right corner and then Settle. You have now handled the order and the consumer has received an order confirmation.