Rainbow Riders - Reepay Subscriptions for WooCommerce?

Sell subscription products on your WooCommerce website – no other plugins needed

This Third Party Plugin for WordPress makes it possible to use Reepay Subscriptions with your WooCommerce and sell your subscription products, without the need for any other plugins (e.g. WooCommerce Subscriptions).

Our partner made this for those of you that have both a WooCommerce shop and Reepay Subscriptions and want to connect them. There is no other WooCommerce plugin that works with Reepay Subscriptions currently.


Sell subscription products

Sell one or more subscription products by simply connecting a WooCommerce product to a Reepay subscription plan.

Mix up subscriptions and single products

Our plugin also supports orders that contain a mix of subscription products and single products. 

Shipping costs and discounts support

Any shipping costs or discounts in the WooCommerce order can be applied to the Reepay subscription of your customer.

Automatic recurring orders

If needed, our plugin can track for newly settled invoices in your Reepay account and automatically create corresponding orders in WooCommerce for you to process (e.g. ship items).


How it works?

Installing the plugin and configuring is a simple process which the partner will help you with. 

Get a license key and the installation files

Contact us so that we can send you your license key and the plugin files you need to install in your WordPress website.

Install and create products

Install the plugin and create products using the new product type called “Subscription product”.

Map your products

For each newly created product choose which Reepay subscription plan corresponds to it.


Setup the discounts you want to offer both in your Reepay account and WooCommerce shop and map them. 

Custom development

In some cases you might already be using some subscription setup in your webshop in which case you might need data transformation, but we can help with that as needed.

Additionally, you might be using 3rd party plugins (e.g. enabling additional properties on your products) in which case we will need to add compatibility for that in our plugin.



Visit the partners website